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We’ve mastered Ruby, Python, and Node.js; we’ve worked with Rails, Sinatra, Django and Hapi.js. We are experienced in technology, and we provide business-minded advice focused on development efficiency.

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«It is rare to meet such dynamic, intelligent and entertaining folks, refreshing to be around professionals who really love what they do.»

Jason Gardner, Marqeta Founder & CEO
Web stack

Web Technology Stack

Tools we use to expand your domain on the web.

We take pride in calling ourselves Crafted not only for the quality of the user experience we produce, but also for the attention to detail in the code we write. In Crafted you’ll find a team who does Continuous Integration with TravisCI in every project, and really cares about testing. We apply automated tests to every feature of the critical path, and use code styling checks to make sure other developers can easily come onboard to help.

Crafted accumulates a huge experience doing API development using Ruby on Rails. Amazing for prototyping, with an extensive community rising the bar on security and flexibility every day. Ruby on Rails is up to date with support for the latest technologies and able to absorb the shifting evolution of the web.

An increasing number of web applications are evolving from static pages to fully front-end, one-page web apps. Crafted masters AngularJS and Javascript for front-end development and leverages the versatility of Twitter’s Bootstrap and Zurb’s Foundation frameworks for functional prototyping and MVP production.

Web Technology

Our weapons to fight the web wars

Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

Delivering value every sprint

Our goal is to partner with you all the way from the conception of your project idea until the various stages of completion, launch and evolution of your product. But because we apply Agile methodologies, we focus on delivering value on every development sprint, as if you were going to fire us at the end of each sprint.

This is the most fun and healthy approach to optimize the use of your startup’s time and resources, generating only the right deliverables and making sure all the accumulated learning of your project passes on to you, who ultimately have to be ready to pivot toward your project success.

Crafted uses KSS, RSpec API Docs and GraphViz -among others- to make sure we generate up-to-date documentation of our APIs, front-end styleguides and database models. We believe that in order to keep a lightweight development workflow with no technical debt, every development sprint has to produce value that is reflected in working versions of your product, even on the earliest stages of the project.

Process driven

Our methodology

Building successful relationships with clients

At Crafted we’ve been successfully delivering agile web development for the last 8 years, and we’ve learned from our experiences to improve on efficiency and communications.

That’s why we became agile coaches and work with you from the beginning of the project to level up your knowledge on agile methodologies and define the best work schedule, productivity tools and communication channels to maximize our collaboration.

Our Product Principal Matías Verges supervises the right application of agile processes in every project and makes sure your and our team's expectations for each development sprint are correctly set through Iteration Planning Meetings, Daily Standups and Sprint Reviews.

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