Client success case: Pearl

Crafted partnered with Pearl Certification to build their web platform and portable survey application for technicians and home owners. With their user-friendly web app, Pearl changed the landscape of energy efficiency certification for homes, and helps home owners increase the value of their property.

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Pearl's Challenge

The technical challenge

Leveraging Rails and Angular to create a seamless experience.

Contractors App is used to collect information from people's home appliances, insulation, heating systems, and cooling systems; while at the same time they could inform the home owner of how each of their answers changed their Pearl Certification Score.

My Home Profile allows Home Owners to access that information and see it changing dynamically while contractors update it. It also serves as a portal for customised tips and guidance on changes to improve your home energy efficiency.

We developed their data collection platform using Angular and a Ruby on Rails API; and also their My Home Profile website, using Angular and the same Rails API. Both applications interact with each other seamlessly, enabling Pearl Certification to both collect and display the information to both type of users.

«We enjoyed working with our core team members and really appreciated their willingness and ability to help us meet critical business deadlines, their strategic and technical advice, and their commitment to the project, as well as the quality of the final product.»

Robin LeBaron, COO at Pearl Certification.
Pearl's Solution

Working with the Pearl team

Learning efficiency; teaching agile.

Working with Robin, Cynthia, and Casey at Pearl Certification, we've learned much on energy efficiency, and they have learned and embraced our agile development process, allowing them take full advantage of having an extremely flexible list of priorities, and having value delivered every day.

After a few months of work we sent our Product Principal Matías Verges to work with the Pearl team for over a month at NYC, helping them both in strategy planning and feature development, while at the same time getting both teams to know each other better and have our vision of the product perfectly aligned.

As of right now Pearl is almost ready to reach the market and we'll be proud of having worked, and continue working with Robin, Cynthia, and Casey.

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