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Crafted partners with your startup,developing its idea running experiments for discovering and validating its market, building and launching its MVP to capitalize on the accumulated learning and scale or pivot toward success.

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«I feel like I have an ad hoc team rather than a bunch of consultants. It's great and I think rare among consulting groups. A++.»

Joe Stump, Founder of Sprintly, former Digg CTO
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Build, measure, learn

The dynamics of a successful startup.

Every product idea has its own challenges, and they can change during the product’s development depending on the goals it needs to achieve.

Being able to deliver a lightweight version of your app that you can use to test with real users will help you design a feature release strategy based on real data that you get from its usage, and will let you capitalize your learning into better decisions for the next development cycles.

Crafted accumulates years working with the creators of the Lean Startup and Lean UX movements and will use such experience to teach you how to level up your startup game and succeed there where others fail due to ignorance of the natural challenges of the entrepreneurship world.

Inception Canvas

Inception for startups

From dreamer to entrepreneur.

Backed by a dedicated team of UX designers, front and back-end developers, plus on-site leadership by our Lean Startup mentors, we guide you through our Inception process and develop the minimum viable product (MVP) for your startup in less than you would think it’s possible, running the necessary experiments for gathering quantitative and qualitative data to frame the strategy of iteration based improvements that make the best use of your startup resources.

Our Inception process typically covers two sprints of intensive user and market research, feature discovery, design sessions and Lean experiments aimed to define the main challenges for the development cycles. Crafted’s Inception process is a product on itself and it’s represented by deliverables such as designs, market research documentation, analytics reports, Lean canvases, prototypes and architecture documentation written using standard patterns of software engineering and is ready to execute by any professional software development agency that knows Agile.

«They ran some great workshops on Lean Startup and created a motivating environment for the entrepreneurs to explore new possibilities for their companies»

Eli James, European Institute for Entrepreneurship
The right stack

The right stack for the right product

Making important decisions first.

Choosing the right technologies to implement the solutions your app is delivering to its users is an essential decision that will impact the entire development cycle, starting with your pocket.

That’s why our architects may advice you to choose a hybrid technology like Ionic Framework to bootstrap the development of your mobile app if there are no features that make an intensive use of the phone’s graphic processing capabilities.

With Ionic Framework, you can achieve the same smooth user experience that you would get from a native app, while significantly lowering the costs of development, by maintaining a single codebase and a reduced team of engineers working on your team.

We adapt to you

We adapt to you

Not the other way around.

Alongside software development consulting, Crafted develops its own products and we experience the same struggles than you do when navigating your way across building a successful startup. Every product that we release was first a startup inside Crafted, and it had to make its way over pitching, experimentation, validation, funding stages, resource allocation and changing priorities in order to make it to the top.

There will be times in which you will need to prepare a presentation for venture capitalists, investors and potential clients, and having the flexibility to adapt and reallocate your resources towards your dynamic goals will be the key for increasing the chances of closing deals and not missing trains that may pass only once during your product’s lifetime.

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