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Every now and then there's an app that changes the way you perform your rutine, and turn those annoying workarounds into a simple task. Crafted aims to do just that with Social Tennis for all club Tennis managers and players.

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Socializing club tennis

Change the way you experience your favorite game

Social Tennis

First, the problem:

Organizing Tennis matches is tedious.

Club level tennis players often spend a lot of time trying to set up a tennis match.

The player first needs to call the club to check for court availability. If she is lucky enough to find an available court she still have to call one of her friends and invite him or her to play.

She can be lucky again and her first pick could be available, or she will have to keep calling each one of her friends to find a rival.

This tedious task has become a little less tedious with the use of group chats, but it's still something that makes the player waste a lot of time, specially if she plays several times a week.

«Social Tennis is the realization of an old dream; being able to arrange a match only with a couple clicks takes this game to a whole new level.»

Marcelo Nieves, Social Tennis developer.
Social Tennis

Welcome, Social Tennis!

Automating the club Tennis experience.

SocialTennis solves this problem by providing a web/mobile platform through which the players can set up their matches with no more than a couple of clicks.

How does it work? Well, SocialTennis provides a way for tennis clubs to manage their courts online and players can access that information using their mobile phones and set up matches very easily.

SocialTennis is much more than a tennis court booking system. It's a personal tennis assistant and it's the first tennis social network in the world.

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