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Rockolla is the easiest way to interact with music around you for free, from your phone. See the playlist in your pub, restaurant or party, upvote your favorite songs so they play earlier in the queue, and add new songs so everyone can listen to your music. Be the DJ. Anywhere.

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The pain behind the idea

Music in public spaces should be public.

Have you ever felt that you like a place but not its music? We've all felt the same, and when we found ourselves discussing how to fix that, we knew we had an idea for an app, and we should give it a shot.

It was not until a Lean Startup Machine event in Buenos Aires that the idea would see the light, and we could finally validate that there's many people with the same need: to interact with music around them.

We found that the main concern users have is having to install an app in their phones, which could lead to long waiting times and lack of interest, so we had that in mind to make it an HTML5 mobile app.

«When we started thinking of a collaborative music playlist for public places, it became obvious that we needed to leverage the popularity of Youtube as a music streaming platform.»

Daniel Cadenas, Rockolla developer.

3, 2, 1... Rockolla.

Socializing the control over public music.

No need to download any app to your phone: just scan the QR code in the Rockolla sign, or open your browser and enter Rockolla.local to see the current song playlist. Browse around and upvote the ones you'd like to play earlier, or downvote the ones you dislike.

Rockolla is a host web app that runs in the local area network of the venue you're at. When you search for a new song, Rockolla sends the query to to normalize its name against a huge database of songs, and then sends it to Youtube in order to get the most popular result for that name.

Once it obtains the URL of the song from Youtube, Rockolla adds it to the queue, extracts the audio part of the video and plays the song using MPV player in the host's app connected to the audio system.

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