Pocket tennis: ATP Series

Built in Ionic Framework, Pocket Tennis is the solution for all those Tennis fans who want to follow their favorite ATP players games from the office or just can't watch the streaming.

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Pocket Tennis

Follow your ATP Stars

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As sports fans, we're constantly following the activity of our favorite players among several different sports. That's why we decided to experiment on creating an app to keep us updated on the progress of our stars.

Pocket Tennis: ATP Series  is a handy app to follow your favorite ATP players games, letting you choose from the top 100 ranking to add your list of favorites, and getting you notified about the events of each game.

Built as a hybrid mobile app in the Javascript-based Ionic Framework, Pocket Tennis delivers a native like experience from a very lightweight app. Its sister app, Pocket Tennis: WTA Series is coming out later this year.

«At last a lightweight Tennis app that gives me only the information I want, when I want it»

Marcelo Nieves, Pocket Tennis developer.
Pocket Tennis

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All the information you want, updated to the minute.

Follow. Browse the list of the 100 top players in the ATP ranking and add your favorites to see their career stats and keep track of their activity game by game.

Get notified. Pocket Tennis will send you notifications every time one of your favorite players schedules and plays a new game.

Live Results.  Can't watch a game on TV or Internet streaming? Follow the live results minute-by-minute with Pocket Tennis, along with information about the stadium and event currently playing.

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