Visual bookmarks for groups is the perfect solution for organizing and sharing visual bookmarks and notes in a collaborative environment.

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Boost your productivity

Optimize your learning and ramp-up times.

Bookmarking for teams. is the best way to keep all the members of your team in the loop with documents, articles and important resources for their productive life and learning processes.

Get rid of the mess. No need to email your team mates with links and descriptions they're gonna loose anyway. No more To-Do Lists and Notes apps for keeping information that should be always visual and categorized.

Just the way your brain works. lets you save bookmarks the same way our memory does: with images. Science has proven that a user remembers "That yellow website about design" much faster than the site's name or URL.

«We created for ourselves first. We needed it to keep all links to documents, tools and libraries for our developers to become productive really fast.»

Sebastian Heit - Interaction Designer at Crafted.

A great solution for groups

Keep everyone in the loop, without creating a mess.

Different teams, different boards. We all have several areas of interest, so it really made sense to organize bookmarks by different boards that you can share with specific groups of people.

Keep everyone updated. Every time you save a bookmark, the rest of the members in the team get an email notification containing the link (and notes) to the website you’re saving so they don’t have to open the app in order to check it out.

No need to open the app! To make it easier and faster to save bookmarks on the go, comes with a handy bookmarklet that pops up on top of the website you're browsing. Click, share and keep surfing the web!

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