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Mobile is one of the main genes in Crafted’s DNA. From hybrid MVPs built with Ionic Framework to native Android & iOS solutions for startups and the enterprise, Crafted partners with you on creating superb mobile experiences that users simply love.

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«I rarely meet teams of developers so enthusiastic, professional, and skilled as Crafted.»

Blaine Cook, OAuth and Webfinger co-author, former Twitter Lead developer
Mobile Technology

The tech behind the magic

Our tools for creating mobile apps that users love.

Choosing a hybrid mobile solution like the javascript-based Ionic Framework over a native approach has proven successful for startups that need to implement their MVP and move quickly over rapid iterations as well as to make the best use of their limited resources, mantaining a single codebase that is both easier to manage and more affordable.

Ionic Framework's technology has evolved to make use of complex 3D hardware acceleration capabilities and almost every hardware API available on mobile phones and tablets, which makes it a no-brainer when choosing the right technology to build entry and medium-level apps.

Developing apps with complex interactions or intensive 3D graphics support requires unlocking the device's full potential to deliver native iOS and Android solutions. Crafted accumulates a vast experience building native apps using geo-fencing, accelerometer and gyroscope support, augmented reality and graphics editing.

Mobile Technology Stack

Our weapons to fight the mobile wars


Our methodology

Psychology and cognitive science in mobile UX design.

Mobile development faces some unique challenges in terms of user experience. The level of personal engagement that we can reach when interacting with a mobile app is higher than with most web apps, and a lot of our habits, motivations and behavioral patterns are reflected in the way we use them.

Whether we spend a few hours a day in front of a desktop computer or not, most of us use our phones all the time, and experience not only interpersonal relationships, but also deep-rooted emotions like tension, relief, fear and happiness through our phones.

That is why users’ expectations towards the quality of mobile experience are higher and need to be treated differently, re-thinking the way we design and test our mobile products. In Crafted, we practice contextual mobile app design and testing, getting out of our comfort zone, living and studying the dynamics of the context in which the product is going to be used.

Mobile Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The ideals that drive our motivation

Global access to the Internet and the ever-increasing affordability of technology that enable people to participate on it changed the human landscape, and we just started to experience the complexity of that change. We work differently, we use our spare time differently and we interact with each other in new and different ways.

The de-centralization of media channels enabled us to choose what we want to watch and read, and to express opinions, to question and dissent. Technology made it simple to connect, empathize and bridge the gaps that separated us between each other. To appreciate our differences and discover what unite us in a global conscience.

In order to participate actively in this independent restructuring of our culture, we need tools to make our thoughts read, heard and seen. Otherwise, we would only be consuming what major channels provide us, thus replicating the old methods, the old morals and the old thinking with new technology. Those tools should be easy to use and accesible, and that’s why Crafted believes every one should be able to read, understand and change our digital landscape from a mobile device, giving birth to new ways to inform, to experience art and to interpret reality.

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