Client success case: MAGNET

Magnet is the first on-site attraction app, merging the best aspects of online dating and real life approaching. Check in at the venue you are at and meet someone special within minutes, not weeks!

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Attraction on the spot

Magnetic Field revolutionizes dating in the digital era.


The challenge

Combining complex third-party APIs and providing a smooth, native UX with Ionic.

To enable users to check-in at known places, we needed to interact with the Foursquare API to pull all the existing venues in a specific radio around the users GPS-localized position, then populating our dynamic venues list and placing each venue in a geo-fenced customized Google Map.

Facebook API was used for authentication services first through Javascript, then switching to native system-wide authentication, and also synchronizing private user information and profile photos to recreate a photo gallery for each user.

One of the most challenging features was to enable users to maintain multiple chat sessions limited to 5 minutes each, triggering push notifications for iOS and Android devices, and keeping sessions alive even when users switched to other apps in between.

«Working for Magnet along with Alessandro and the rest of the team at Crafted was one of the most enjoyable technical challenges of my career.»

Marcelo Ramos, Magnet developer.

Ionic to the rescue

Building a native-like experience with web technologies

Crafted developed the iOS and Android apps on a single codebase using Ionic Framework, and integrated it with Magnet’s back-end app to sincronize user information, venues, chats and reactions based on geo-fencing.

In order to keep the mobile app lightweight, smart cropping and color editing of Facebook images was implemented from the back-end, enabling the users to interact with the app without glitches caused by an overloaded processing queue.

The skewed visuals of the UI design were completely implemented using custom CSS3 using several transforms and transitions, plus filters and shading image effects only available to the most modern webkit devices. All our focus was put on testing the performance of the UI to match a native-like mobile experience.


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