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We are a process-driven development shop that combines the best of remote work and instant communication with an unbeatable experience to develop your applications on time and on budget.

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«I feel like I have an ad hoc team rather than a bunch of consultants. It's great and I think rare among consulting groups. A++.»

Joe Stump, Founder of Sprintly, former Digg CTO

Fast Delivery

Your MVP in less than you can imagine.

We use agile methodologies and our experience working for years along with the pioneers of the Lean Startup and Lean UX movements to validate your idea against the market and test it with real users in order to focus on the features that will make your product stand out.

When you work with Crafted, every development sprint delivers a new usable version —though not complete— of your app that you can share with your target users to validate the steps taken, and also present to stakeholders and investors to get more funding for your project.

Process-driven development

Process-driven development

Agile methodology in everything we do.

Working with Crafted is not only about the results. It's about the process. We get yourself involved in our agile project pipeline and get you trained in our project management tools so you can track our progress and control the quality of each feature being delivered to you, in order to optimize the time and effort spent working on each piece of the final product.

Being proficient with our internal processes will let you follow the increase of our velocity and always be in control of our resource allocation depending on the changing conditions along our partnership.

Every development Sprint starts with an Iteration Planning Meeting where we set our goals and prioritize the features to develop. You keep constant and direct communication with the team during the sprint and finish with a Sprint Review session to evaluate the results.


Product Principal

Building successful relationships with clients.

We know how difficult it is to manage all the processes involved in setting up and drive the right team for developing your startup, and that’s why we have applied our best development and management techniques in order to become a tech partner that brings you solutions, not problems.

Along with our technical expertise and Lean Startup advice, every project in Crafted is managed by our Product Principal Matías Verges, who will take special care of all the communication needs between you and our development team and make sure you’re always clear on the goals, progress made and results you will be expecting out of each development sprint.

Build remote

Think local, build remote

Optimizing return of investment.

Crafted relies on the experience of a core development team that has been working together for 9 years, going through different transitions as ENTP, Cubox and Neo to become the amazing team that it is today. Throughout its entire history, Crafted has worked for startups and enterprise corporations in both the Bay Area and the East Coast while running its operations center in Montevideo, Uruguay, leveraging the matching timezone and cultural closeness with companies from the United States.

Crafted is not the typical outsourcing development agency. It combines the experience and insight of an engineering and design team founded by the renowned American software architect Evan Henshaw-Plath with the convenience of real-time and direct communication with every developer in the team, plus on-site design and development work for the first two sprints for eligible projects.

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