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We are a dedicated team of software engineers and designers working with agile methodologies to develop high quality applications for startups and the enterprise.

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Web & API development

From back-end engineering to front-end magic.

We know web development since 15+ years. You need that experience to guide your project in the most efficient way, otherwise you might end up picking a technology because of all the wrong reasons, like popularity or most recent.

You should always make sure that your technical partner complements your decision making. We’ve mastered Ruby, Python, and Node.js; we’ve worked with Rails, Sinatra, Django and Hapi.js; we are experienced in technology, and we provide business-minded advice focused on development efficiency.

We do responsive websites because they are cost-efficient, not because it’s the trend. Core features are the same for all platforms, and just minimum adjustments are needed to support desktop and mobile devices. This means all your development efforts are going the same direction, and you can shift your focus at any time, giving you more flexibility to respond to user feedback or business requirements.

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«It is rare to meet such dynamic, intelligent and entertaining folks, refreshing to be around professionals who really love what they do».

Jason Gardner, Marqeta Founder & CTO.

Superb mobile experience

Native and hybrid development.

Your first choice in a mobile project might triple the cost of it. Before starting your mobile app development, you must choose between several native applications, or one hybrid application. Going native may multiply the cost of your project each platform you want to support, usually 3: iOS, Android, Windows Phone.

Native apps have clear advantages which you should make sure to benefit from, given the cost implications. These apps take full advantage of the device hardware, which makes them a great choice for hardware-intensive applications like photo/video editing, games, augmented reality, video streaming, animations and more.

Hybrid mobile apps excel at development efficiency, which makes it the indisputable best option for startups, as well as really solid option for long term if the app is not hardware-intensive. Using Ionic Framework we are able to have a multi-platform mobile app and a responsive web app developed in just weeks.

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«The team is passionate, skilled, and they stay on the forefront of product and process advances. You would be lucky to have the chance to work with them».

Giff Constable, Neo President & CEO.

Reclaim the living room.

With our help, you can have your content back in your viewer's living room. If you are a youtuber with one or a thousand videos in your channel, or if you are a cable company managing multiple series and shows, we create your AppleTV application and give you the software to manage your content, connecting you with a new revenue stream based on the solid AppleTv platform.

AppleTV is growing in success without Apple even fully focusing on it. With connection to iTunes and the Apple Store, the stream of users will usually have a configured payment method, allowing you to sell either your content or related articles with ease.

Our Dashboard will help you manage your content using your preferred hosting provider. Our integration with other video platforms like Brightcove, Vimeo, Youtube, will not require a big change in your current process.

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«I feel like I have an ad hoc team rather than a bunch of consultants. It's great and I think rare among consulting groups. A++.»

Joe Stump, Founder of Sprintly, former Digg CTO

Inception for startups

Set up your discovery process ready for development.

Backed by a dedicated team of UX designers, front and back-end developers, plus on-site leadership by our Lean Startup mentors, we guide you through our Inception process and develop the minimum viable product (MVP) for your startup in less than you would think it’s possible.

Our Inception process typically covers two sprints of intensive user and market research, feature discovery, design sessions and lean experiments aimed to define the main challenges of the development cycles.

Crafted’s Inception process is standalone product and it’s represented by deliverables such as designs, market research documentation, analytics reports, Lean canvas, prototypes and architecture documentation written using standard patterns of software engineering and is ready to execute by any professional software development agency that knows Agile.

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